Betting Formula One World Championship officially concluded

We’ve seen some incredible racing take place this year. The tournament has now hit 12 different countries, from Australia to Canada. Last weekend was one of the most exciting races this year.

On the 4th of August, the 12th race of the F1 Championship 2022 took place in Mogyorod, Hungary. The betting odds for the event were mixed. Lewis Hamilton, the overall favourite to win this year’s tournament, was coming off his worst performance in Germany.

For a while, it looked like Max Verstappen was on his way to winning the World Championship in Hungary. He controlled much of the race after leading away from pole position. Eventually, Hamilton established his position in the lead.

The English driver maintained a consistent pace to take the lead. He eventually won the race, his seventh of 12 in the 2022 F1 World Championship. Max Verstappen gave Hamilton credit, stating that “Lewis was on fire”.

This week, Formula One announced it was launching a new betting platform for fans.

New F1 World Championship Betting Options


Almost every major online gambling site in Europe offers betting odds for the Formula One World Championship. It is one of the most popular sporting events to bet on. This week, Formula One officials unveiled a new betting platform for fans.

This major sports association is set to offer a live in-play betting service. F1 is partnering with Sportradar and Interregional Sports Group as sponsors. Sportradar will start offering 30 unique betting options using exclusive Formula One data.

Verstappen maximum: 15.00

Max Verstappen is listed as the second biggest favourite to win the championship this year. He looked great in Hungary last week before Hamilton started to take over. There is no doubt that he is an underdog.

The betting odds on the F1 World Championship reflect that. Verstappen has won two races so far in the tournament, but he will need to do something incredible to stay ahead of Lewis Hamilton. He has odds of 15.00 to win.

As we mentioned earlier, the 12th race of the 2022 F1 tournament has officially concluded. Nine more races are taking place this year. For those looking to bet on the F1 World Championship, let’s take a look at some of the favourites to win the entire tournament, courtesy of Betway Sportsbook.

Lewis Hamilton: 1.04

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There’s no doubt that Lewis Hamilton is the favourite at the moment. He has won seven of the 12 races that have taken place. Lewis struggled in Germany, but it was confirmed that he was battling an illness during the event.

Hamilton made a great recovery in Hungary. He is better than ever and is just 10 wins away from breaking the all-time record set by Michael Schumacher. Betway lists Hamilton’s odds of winning the F1 championship at 1.04


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